Everything about Jewellery and more

Here, you find (almost) everything we can tell you about jewellery and hunting trophies as well as our complete catalogue of services.

You have a very specific question? Call or write us — we are always glad to give assistance.

Gift Cards

You would like to make somebody a present of a masterfully crafted piece of jewellery? You do not know exactly what and want the person to have free choice? Or you are maybe just a bit late in looking for a gift?

Do not worry! Of course, you can give away one of our gift cards. The presented person can at any time use them on his or her order.

To get one write us through our contact form or give us a quick call under +49 8022 4497.

We are looking forward to you and your loved ones.

Please note that gift card can NOT be exchanged to cash.

Trophy Tips

Everyone knows them: The grandel and canines, the beards and feathers — all that which decorates hunter and huntress.
How to best extract and care for your little hunting memory you will find in this section.
Who know? Maybe, you will find some other new information as well.


Your favourite jewellery has become dull? Here you find help.

In this section you will find everything regarding the care and cleaning of your precious pieces. Most of it you can do at home.
What pieces you should rather send to us in order to avoid damage, you will find here as well.

Make Overs

Do you have some pieces in your jewellery case that have grown “out of fashion”? Did your taste in jewellery change over the years? Do you have rings or bracelets that need a change in size?

We can help you.

A make over in the Tegernsee Goldsmithy will give new shine and style to your old pieces. The old metal will be recycled and put into a balance.

On the right you see an example:
From an old tie needle and an old-fashioned ring we were able to work a classical and yet modern pendant.

If you find pieces that you do not like any longer feel free to write or call us — no obligations.
We are looking forward to you!

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