Buckle, Belt, or Girlde...

Belt buckles have a great tradition and, frankly, most you find on the market are, well, uninspiring.

That is a thing we change. From under to overstated our goldsmiths will make your dream come true — and that in a unexpectedly short frame of time.

For your truly unique belt buckle from the Bertele Goldsmithy…

… you just have to choose from the hundreds of motifs. From A like ape to Z like zebra we offer literally almost everything.

You can also have your sigil or initial depicted on your buckle of either brass, silver, or gold.

Fashioned for either 3cm or 4cm belts (sold separately) you are sure to find a buckle suited to your own personal style.

There is more than a thousand possibilities!

How it works...

1. Choose a base-shape (it works best if you print them in original size

2. Choose the writing and/or the motif you want on the front of your buckle.

Our Fonts:*

Here are a few examples!

A selection of motifs for your buckle:*

*By clickling you open a new tab or window that displays the respective PDF-Document

3. If you need a leather belt to come with it you need to measure your waist circumference (best done where you always wear your belt)

4. Call or write us with your choices. We can give advice as well if you find yourself overwhelmed with the sheer amount of possibilities.

A World of Possibilities

Special Requests Requested

Of course, we are looking forward for your truly unique idea and are going to craft it with the love it deserves — a lot.

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