Hunting Jewellery

We fit trophies from around the world into their individual settings turning them into stunning jewelry. Be it chamois, stag, or lion, we fix their memory into gold and silver.

We are hunters ourselves and, thus, know that often memories are more precious than diamonds. Because of that, every trophy you give to us we are going to treat as if it was our own.

Traditional Bavarian Jewellery

The making of traditional bavarian jewelry is a specialty of our family business. Not least because our deep felt connection to the fine bavarian way of life with its beautiful country and clothing.

“Ein bißerl vornehm und ein bißerl leger” — a bit classy, a bit leasurely. The motto of bavarian stye and one of the reasons why its jewelry combines so beautifully with all styles of clothing.

Handmade Gem and Gold Jewellery

Have you been dreaming of that one trinket? The one that just is what you are. A piece of gold and jewels whose beauty cannot be described for lack of words.

We might be able to make it for you. After all, we have had one rule for 130 years: From sketch to masterwork. Be it a diamond or signet ring, elegant cufflinks, or something else entirely — our master craftsmen can make it for you.

Hand made jewelry is and will ever remain something special.


Belts: We all know them and we all find them boring. Not ours! We custom make them. You can have virtually anything depicted on any material.

You are not sure what might suit your style best? We can help you.

Just tell us what motif you would like to carry with you all day every day: Classical bavarian, huntsmen signets, family weaponry, flower, fish, or bird. We craft it all!

Tegernsee Angels

It is nice to have a personal angel…and we do have a tradition of making them.

For keychain or necklace you can find yours in our vast model range of musicians, sportsmen or lucky charms.

Our angels at a glance – choose one and then call or write us so we can arrange transport for him or her.

Rider Jewellery

You love horse, horse riding, racing, and carriage rides? We have something for you.

We produce beautiful horses from gold, silver, and gems. How exactly we do that and how we are able to fit your imagination to precious metals?

Contact us and find out.

Golf Jewellery

A golf club as decorative pin, a golf player on your cufflinks, or the small ball on your buckle; we make it all.

Everything a golfer’s heart may desire in terms of jewellery can be found here at the Tegernsee Gold smithy.

The production of golf clubs started in the 17th century. A tradition we continue by very special means. We hand craft them small and from gold. That way, you can wear your wood, iron, and putter wherever you go — not caddy needed.

Call or write us with your own idea — we are looking forward to it.

Fisher Jewellery

Catfish, perch, or pike make excellent motifs for your next piece of jewellery.
Be it a keychain accessory or an exquisite necklace sparkling with diamonds — we can craft it and will love doing so.

As with every piece we manufacture you can rest assured that we are going to create reality from your imagination. If you have an idea or vision for yourself or a loved one feel free to write or call us. So, we can make you an offer.

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