A Tradition in Trophies

130 years of experience in dealing with trophies have made us truly skilled in this area.

Exquisite ideas and a feeling for the individual trophy combined with mastery of the craft are what make our jewellery true master pieces.

We hope to excite and mesmerise you.

You have a very own vision?

No problem! Write us and we will join our creativity with yours.

We always work to create truly unique memories of your hunt. That may happen with a deer’s ivory, the fang’s of a fox or the weaponry of a wild boar.

Framed in gold an silver in timeless style these trophies become more than they were. Even those very rare ones like crocodile teeth, bird’s beaks, fish fins, and whatever you can imagine.

Our Tips for Your Trophies

On our Service page you will find what experience in the procuring and care for trophies we have gathered over the last 130 years.

Visit us on a Hunting Convention...

...because where you meet hunters you meet us.

Jagd- und Fischereitage 14. – 16. 10.16
Leonhardimarkt auf Gut Kaltenbrunn 04. – 06. 11. 2016
Jagd und Hund 29.01. – 06.02. 17
Hohe Jagd Salzburg 16.02. – 19.02. 16

More interesting events as well as special offers you can find in our News Section

Hunter’s jewellery for every day?

Equip your buckle with the signs of the trade.

Every thing is possible and that with style.

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